​I would just like to remind all of my valued customers that even though i will make every effort to get your order to you in as timely a manner as possible, Everything i make available is Print-on-demand, meaning i do not stock any finished products( exception of some stickers) and as far as apparel goes, the colors and sizes are ordered from supplier as orders are placed with Corpsgraphics. Which eliminates a bunch of funds tied up in overhead in warehousing and inventory which allows me to keep me costs low and very competitive even with bigger cookie cutter graphics companies. 
​Due to the above mentioned operating procedures and the custom nature of the graphics and printing normally items will take 10-15 business days to process. I am trying to streamline those numbers as often as possible when i can and for unforeseen problems something might take longer, please feel free to call or email me about your orders status anytime you like and i will give you as accurate a processing time as i can.
​Thank You All for your continued Support