​About CorpsGraphics
     ​My name is Anthony"Tony" Nordlund, i have spent the better part of 14 years as an Active Duty Marine leaving the Marine Corps in March of 2000. Spending the last 16 years living a quiet life in the midwest, raising my 5 incredible kids, all but one are grown and set loose on the world, with him leaving for Boot Camp in 2017.  
      I have loved everything military since i could remember, i try and bring out that feeling in what i design, the human touch in hand drawing designs is something you cant fake. I had frequently designed shirts and murals while i was in the Corps but it wasnt until the summer of 2015 that CorpsGraphics got its start when i was asked to reproduce a shirt design that i had originally done in 1988. It came at a perfect time in my life when i had kicked a life long monkey off my back and medically needed both shoulders and my neck repaired. So i took advantage of the timing and the rest is history, im currently back in school for Graphic Media Design while im waiting for surgeries. College will only make me better and more well rounded as an artist so....  
      Please stay tuned in to my Facebook page or my Scuttlebutt blog in the back of this website because things are only going to get cooler.